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Conference 6 /Architecture and Photography /February, 9/
18.01.2017 Conference 6 /Architecture and Photography /February, 9/

                               Gallery Geneva

“Architecture and Photography - two worlds of silence and light” presentation by Pierre Bouvier on February 9th 2017.

Have you ever thought what is the link between architecture and photography? 

Don’t miss the chance to meet Pierre Bouvier a recognized Swiss architect passionate by photography, and listen to his personal experience in those two fields and how they interact.


Practical workshop/ Portrait /January, 25/
10.01.2017 Practical workshop/ Portrait /January, 25/

                               Gallery Geneva

Photography workshop "Portrait" with Aline Kundig on January 25, 2017 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at ArtDynasty Gallery!

A re you passionate or just curious about photography? Come, join us for a "Portrait" workshop held on January 25, 2017 at ArtDynasty Gallery under the guidance of Aline Kundig famous portrait specialist in Geneva. 

Vernissage /Silences and exhibition of Gocha Kakabadze /December, 1/
15.12.2016 Vernissage /Silences and exhibition of Gocha Kakabadze /December, 1/

                              Gallery Geneva

On the 1st of December 2016, ArtDynasty Gallery Geneva was pleased to present two new exhibitions: “Silences” and "Christmas Exhibition by Gocha Kakabadze". 

In “Silences” three Swiss leading photographers are united to explore their personal interpretation to silence.The exhibition’s title Silences refers to peace and quietness of the three elements: water, earth and wind. This exhibition considers the relationship between mankind and nature. Through their work the photographers seek to explore light, breath and fundamental energy that lies between an individual and natural elements.

Conference 5 / Landscapes in Soviet art / November, 3/
01.11.2016 Conference 5 / Landscapes in Soviet art / November, 3/

                               Gallery Geneva

In the development of Soviet painting, landscape played an important role. Soviet landscape painters, along with representatives of other genres of painting not only displayed the new reality, but also expressed a new outlook in their works, a new system of feelings and thoughts of the Soviet people. 

Conference 4 /Gold in art /October, 6/
30.09.2016 Conference 4 /Gold in art /October, 6/

                               Gallery Geneva

The art cannot be separated from a historical view of the period itself. This strong link is generally recognized today. It is clear that the meaning of gold in present-day art doesn’t make sense unless we compare it with gold grounds in the Middle Ages. But are we talking about similarities or differences?