Conference 10 / Back to the line /May, 23/

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Conference 10 / Back to the line /May, 23/


Conference 10 / Back to the line /May, 23/

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Jo Fontaine creates world-class sculptures both in performance and in idea. He is absolutely not commercialized and globalized by the modern art market, while his works are in the collections of truly great connoisseurs of the art world.

Jo Fontaine works with a very complex material - serpentine stone, which is much harder than marble and is difficult to process. But due to this quality it is almost eternal.

The multilayered material allows the sculptor to discover new worlds and depth hidden behind the impenetrable surface as he removes each layer. This is a real galaxy in stone, the plot of which is often found in his works.

Jo Fontaine often combines stone and water in his works - material yin and yang - the most solid and most pliable texture. But this marriage is so philosophical that observing the reflection in the surface tension of the water and the matte, velvety framing of the stone, you come to the idea that eternity and hardness are measured in quite different categories.

The philosophy of the work of Jo Fontaine is very demonstrative in the context of Contemporary Art. It is deep, archaic, connected spiritually with the most profound mechanisms of the earth and the human soul. The sculptor, turning to primitive forms of the line and circle, opens the portal to a world of meaningful fullness.

In general, modern art with its minimalistic forms encourages the viewer to see himself not in the exterior of space and things, but in the flow of time.

Oksana Zaretsky will talk about it and many other things at the public art meeting Back to the line on May 23rd at the ArtDynasty gallery @artdynastygeneva

How to comprehend contemporary art? What does the creator think? What do antiquity and prehistoric menhirs have to do with contemporary art?

The participants of the meeting will be invited to play art critics and archaeologists, to get to the bottom of it and to try to find the answer to the question: What does all this mean? - using the examples of the works of the artists represented in the gallery (Fanny Gagliardini, Jo Fontaine, Oleg Khvostov, Tengiz Mirzashvili, etc.) and the whole history of art.

All art and culture lovers are welcome to the meeting.

The meeting will be held on May 23rd at 6.30 p.m.

Venue: ArtDynasty gallery, 23 Grand rue, 1204 Geneva.

Participation fee - 10 CHF

The number of participants is limited, pre-registration is required, please mail to:

The meeting will be led by culturologist, history and art blogger - Oksana Zaretsky @okcygen

Meeting language - Russian