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Presentation of the artist Jo Fontaine / April, 5/


Presentation of the artist Jo Fontaine / April, 5/

                               Gallery Geneva

Jo Fontaine confronts the resistance of the stone.  With the help of noble materials, the artist invites us, human beings, to establish direct relationship with the nature, the environment and the landscape. In his works, stones are alive, they keep up the connection with the origins and create the majestic effect on all of us. The Amerindian shamans call the cliffs “Grand Father” and they believe that those cliffs have certain knowledge of the past and have gathered the wisdom of the age. Privileged intermediarily between our inner world, “spirit” and our surroundings, “material manifestations”, the minerals have a vibrating frequency and fill in a very special function. Being close to the feelings of shamans, Jo Fontaine connects the natural elements by featuring eternity and immortality of the minerals and our short lives on Earth by the transient presence of the water.