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Vernissage / Interior Landscapes and Burst of Colours /March, 16/


Vernissage / Interior Landscapes and Burst of Colours /March, 16/

                               Gallery Geneva

On March 16th, 2017 ArtDynasty Gallery in Geneva was pleased to inaugurate the new colourful spring exhibition “Interior Landscapes and Burst of Colours”. As soon as the guests entered the gallery, they were stroked by the high quality of the art pieces. It is a smooth dialogue between the abstract and minimalistic works by Fanny Gagliardini and the figurative Georgian pieces such as Advadze, Meliashvili, Bledkin, Mirzashvili, which creates synergy and transports one in the depth of emotions.

The guests could see and feel a great balance and harmony throughout the exhibition and highlighted their well-being in this beautiful creative surrounding.  

ArtDynasty appreciates the presence of all the guests and was delighted to hear all the positive feedback.

Feel free to pass by our gallery in the very heart of the Old City of Geneva. We will be delighted to welcome you to make an individual introduction to the artworks.