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Petviashvili, Rusudan

Petviashvili Rusudan - painter, graphic artist, was born in Tbilisi in1968. She started to paint before she was two. Her first personal exhibition was held when she got six. Up to the hundred of her graphic and colour pictures were exhibited: the large-formatted, highly complicated one-touch drawings, mostly. Scholars, as well as the wide society, were bewildered to see an amazing skill of the child. At the age of eight, RusudanPetviashvili held two personal exhibitions in Moscow. Three years later another exhibition took place again in Moscow, then in Tbilisi. 13-year-old Rusudan exhibited her works in different towns of France and, finally, in Paris. In St. Yorre, an extraordinary conference was held to explore the phenomenon called the paintings of RusudanPetviashvili. The following years the exhibitions were held in Vienna, Budapest, Madrid, London, Moscow and Tbilisi as well as, in the recent years, in France and USA. Books were published with Rusudan's illustrations. Among them are The Knight in the Panther’s Skin and National Fairy Tales of Georgia. RusudanPetviashvili is listed in 2000 Famous Persons of XX Century, the book published by the Cambridge Biographical Centre.