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Magradze, David

David Magradze - was born in Tbilisi (Georgia) in 1957 in the family of Honoured Artist of Georgia DemetreMagradze. David was fond of art from the very young age. In 1975 he finished college and in 1976 – Choreography school of Ministry of  Culture of Georgia. Since 1976–1982 Magradze studied at the Tbilisi State Arts Academy. From 1980   MagradzeMagradze has been working on icon-painting. He is the author of 85 icons most of them were gifted to Georgian, Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Spanish, African and American Churches.Since 1980–1982 he worked at the Committee of Cinematography as an artistic editor where he issued a lot of posters for Georgian films. From 1981 he regularly took part in international exhibitions. In1982 David Magradze was drafted into the Red Army. In 1983 Magradze became the youngest member of the USSR Union of Artists. From 1987 on every birthday of Shakespeare David sent his paintings to Stratford    as a gift and got thanking letters from there.In 1992  he designed the Georgian-German cultural centre in Saarbrucken. In 1999 Magradze was awarded with golden medal by the Georgian Union of Artists for the best work of the year. In 2006 he founded the first icon-painting school in Georgia at the Saint George’s Monastery where he taught free of charge. David MagradzeHonoured graphic artist of the USSR.David Magradze works with images of subjects of mass products, commercial objects, prestigious, memorable and ethnic subjects that are already lodged in the conscious of the society and gives the idea of the specifics of the spiritual and material life.Magradze transforms physical subjects into the images, places them into a new format, deprives them of function and thus turns them into artefacts. It can be one subject or a composition of several subjects, so called «signs» forming the meaning. In his work David Magradze combines visual analysis and studying of social conditions of the society and the artist. David has raised to a new level the art of the poster, ornament, emblem and advertising.The works by David Magradze are kept at the cultural centres and in the private collections in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Greece and America.