Silences /December, 1 until February, 25/
29.11.2016 Silences  /December,  1 until February, 25/

                      Gallery Geneva  

The new exhibition at ArtDynasty features three Swiss photographers united under a common theme “Silences”. Each has a unique view of the world yet the three are united by a common search for light, breath and fundamental energy.

Christmas mystery by Gocha Kakabadze /December 2, 2015 until March 2, 2016/
28.11.2016 Christmas mystery by Gocha Kakabadze /December 2, 2015 until March 2, 2016/

                                 Gallery Geneve

ArtDynasty Gallery Geneve presents a collection of paintings by Gocha Kakabadze, a renowned Georgian artist.

Gocha Kakabadze – painter, illustrator, was born in 1966. In 1984 he graduated from Nikoladze Art College. In 1984-1990 he studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Since 1992 exhibitions of his works have been held regularly in Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Bonn), Switzerland (Bern, Basel, Zurich), Italy (Merano). In 2007 he painted the murals in the small chapel of Zchrukveti Church (western Georgia). In 2007 Kakabadze participated in Christmas exhibition at Baia Gallery. In 2008 together with Mamuka Shengelia he painted murals in Gethsemane Church in Mtskheta. In 2007 Kakabadze’s first personal exhibition was held at Baia Gallery. In 2008 he participated in the exhibition of Georgian artists in Hamburg, Germany. In 2009 and 2010 his personal exhibitions were held in Chardin Gallery. Kakabadze also created many illustrations for The Georgian children’s Bible. Gocha Kakabadze’s paintings are presented in private collections in Georgia and other countries.

Vibrantion /September, 15 until November 20/
14.09.2016 Vibrantion /September, 15 until November 20/

                               Gallery Geneve

ArtDynasty Gallery Geneva opens again its doors to a new exhibition project – Vibration. The curators of the gallery have created a unique atmosphere, revealing the main theme of the exhibition – the language of vibration as means of communication, comprehension and understanding of the world. Vibration as a way of existence of the world, a way of communication of its components, as the ancient language of communication, where there is space and freedom for interpretation and eternal meaning. Particles of colours, sounds, objects, natural phenomena, animal life and the human world are in perpetual motion, dialogue, interaction, permanently creating the perfection of our world, and the painters reveal this world to the audience.

Retrospective of art works by Wojciech Mucha /August, 31until September, 30/
28.08.2016 Retrospective of art works by Wojciech Mucha /August, 31until September, 30/

                               Gallery Geneva  

W o j c i e c h  M U C H A

10 September 1945 – 26 December 2008

Wojciech Mucha was born in Geneva in 1945 from a Polish father and a Swiss mother. He graduated from the Department of Architecture of the University of Geneva with the Architect’s Diploma in 1971. He acquired specialised skills by simultaneously studying in the Fine Arts and Sculpture sections. During his lifetime, he practised his creative faculties in three fields: architecture, painting and industrial design. Diagnosed with cancer, he died in Geneva on 26 December 2008.

Magic of Georgia /June, 9 until September, 6/
10.06.2016 Magic of Georgia /June, 9 until September, 6/

                               Gallery Geneve

ArtDynasty Gallery presents an exhibition project Magic of Georgia. The gallery gives an opportunity to European audience to have a visual journey through the magical world of ancient Georgia, to see the unique beauty of its nature, a vivid originality of the Georgian people, to feel the depth and diversity of Georgian art. At ArtDynasty Gallery in Geneva are presented paintings and graphic works by the most famous Georgian painters of the 20th century – Lado Gudiashvili, Ekaterine Bagdavadze, Alexander Bazhbeuk-Melikyan, Elene Ahvlediani, Severian Maisashvili, Irakli Toidze, Robert Sturua, Pietr Bletkin, Vano Meliashvili, Tengiz Mirzashvili, Levan Tsutskiridze and Nuradin Shavgulidze.