ArtDynasty Geneva
welcomes June,21 until September,22





We are pleased to present our new exhibition EROS - The naked in all its forms. 

The opening will be held on Thursday, 15th of March from 18pm at ArtDynasty Gallery. 

For this magnificent exhibition on the theme of nude, we chose to mix photographs, paintings, drawings and sculptures.



 -The Auer Foundation, with the photographs of René Groebli, Nicolas Tucker, Jean-Jacques Dicker and Rafael Navarro. 

-Gérard Pétremand, a famous Geneva and international photographer. 

-Aline Kundig, Swiss photographer, including a series of great pictures about a homosexual couple in the years 1980-1990. 

-Christiane Grimm, with a series of erotic and subtle photographs of a couple giving the impression of being looked through the hole of a lock.


For painting and drawings, we are pleased to receive:

 -Qiu Jie, one of the most famous Chinese artists of the last years, with monumental drawings executed in pencil. 

-Jean-Bernard Butin, French artist with minimalist paintings. 

-Our private collection of Georgian and Russian works, here Tengiz Mirzashvili.


Finally, for the sculpture: we will have the chance to unveil new works created by two artists that we have already exposed:

 -Jo Fontaine and his serpentine round sculptures, 

-as well as Fanny Gagliardini and her minimal and essential work. 

You will find a detailed press release as an attachment. 


We hope you enjoy this program, and we invite you to come and discover all these wonderful works at the opening, on Thursday, 15th of March or from Friday, 16th of March.

Myriam Bongard & Anna Neuvéglise 

ArtDynasty Gallery