Resonances /June, 9 until September, 16/

ArtDynasty Geneva
welcomes June,21 until September,22


Resonances /June, 9 until September, 16/


Resonances /June, 9 until September, 16/

                              Gallery Geneve

The name "Résonances" reflects the dialogue between the works of these two artists.

The power of Garo’s paintings faces the calm of Fontaine’s sculptures. Rocks, pigments and textures are at the center of their works. These overwhelming creations are mingled with major Georgian paintings, which soften and accompany Fontaine and Garo’s works.

Bernard Garo is a Swiss visual artist born in 1964. His artistic reflection is guided by an earthly, geographical concept. Between devastation, dilapidation and reconstruction, you are the admirer of monumental works as well as subtle and moving drawings, through the Cervin, rocks and pyramids.

Jo Fontaine is a Geneva sculptor born in 1951. He works serpentine, a stone with multiple covers, extremely difficult to sculpt.

The softness of this stone is astonishing when we know the hardness and the force it releases. Stelae, records, monuments come to life through the hands of this artist.

We invite you this summer, for this incredible discovery.

Exhibition Résonances, from June 9th to September 9th.

Bernard Garo, Jo Fontaine and Georgian Art Heritage.

Gallerie ArtDynasty, Grand-Rue 23, 1204 Geneva.

Tue-Fri: 10 am-6pm / Sat: 11 am-5pm