Exhibition of Giorgio de Chirico at ArtDynasty Gallery, Forte dei Marmi/ Don’t miss Kaleidoscope of Time exhibition

Dear friends, don’t miss Kaleidoscope of Time exhibition that represents works of the legendary Italian artist of the 20th century, the founder of modern art – Giorgio de Chirico. The exhibition takes place at ArtDynasty Gallery in Forte dei Marmi, Italy. Kaleidoscope of Time features more than 20 works of original and printing graphic arts. The works open the world of metaphysical reality and forebodings, which the artist transmits to his audience.

Resonances /June, 9 until September, 9/

                              Gallery Geneve

The name "Résonances" reflects the dialogue between the works of these two artists.

The power of Garo’s paintings faces the calm of Fontaine’s sculptures. Rocks, pigments and textures are at the center of their works. These overwhelming creations are mingled with major Georgian paintings, which soften and accompany Fontaine and Garo’s works.